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A Woman pushes her red arterial thread through

the eye of a needle doing what can’t be done;

she surrenders fear and every last sorrow penned 

in blood or ink, stitching a new word to

the sleeve of her dress,

Fiat—Let it be, Let it be done

within and without, the jar shattering again in her hands,

emptying all wounds, washing them into a sea

of precious ointment for burying her beloved.


Fallen, her man sits in the bottom of the well, in

utter darkness, he

Lets it all be, Lets it all be done

holding hell in his gentle lap, with her needle and red

thread they plant a new seed in-between.


In the morning a rose blooms in her hands.

The egg cracks open.

Mary Magdalene's Fiat

  • Acrylic on Canvas

    24" x 30" 

  • Shipping cost is based on size, location, and speed of delivery. Paintings will be sent UPS, unless requested otherwise. Please contact me directly with any questions you might have about shipping methods and pricing.

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