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Nowhere to Go But Here


Today, quiet, mist,

winter’s calm gaze

softening death’s sharpened

edge while pelicans float

in white grace,

with nowhere to go

but here.


A vulture sweeps by

crows shining black in

bare oak,

Do you see, sister, your

heart’s bright eyes open

wide, between there

and everywhere?


We can share this view, only

love now left between

winter’s open hands—

There’s nowhere to go

but here, gratitude

rimmed in falling


Nowhere to Go But Here, Reflections #1 Lafayette Reservoir

  • Acrylic on Canvas

    20” X 24"

  • Shipping cost is based on size, location, and speed of delivery. Paintings will be sent UPS, unless requested otherwise. Please contact me directly with any questions you might have about shipping methods and pricing.

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